Triple Play Bullies Whelping Contract


We, Brandon and/or Jennifer Zilem, the owners of Triple Play Bullies agrees to take female _________________________________________ and her ________ puppies until they are weaned (approx. 4 weeks) at which time the female will be picked up by the owner.  The following rates will apply to this point:

Week 1 – $400

Week 2 – $400

Week 3 – $300

Week 4 – $300

            The puppies may remain in the care of Triple Play Bullies up to the time they are 8 weeks old, however after 4 weeks of age a fee of $40 per day will be charged.  A “pup back” deal may also be used as payment to Triple Play Bullies for their services.  This is the choice of the litter Owner and if chosen, the Owner must notify Triple Play Bullies by the 4 week mark.  At which time the Owner will make the 1st pick of the litter and Triple Play Bullies will make the 2nd.  Full AKC rights and all appropriate paperwork will be transferred to Triple Play Bullies when the Owner picks up the remaining litter from Triple Play Bullies.

If the female is on a special diet then the Owner will be required to provide food for the female only.  Triple Play Bullies will provide all food for the puppies, including any formula/colostrum that may be required.

Triple Play Bullies agrees to take excellent care of the female and her puppies.  Using every precaution available to insure they are all healthy, happy and well socialized.  However, some things are unpreventable no matter how well they are taken care of.  The female and puppies will have access to 24hr Vet services and the Owner will be notified immediately of any situation that should arise.  Any and all charges that may occur during this time will be paid in full by the Owner upon receipt from the Vet.  Triple Play Bullies will not be responsible for any injuries, sickness and/or death that occurs while under the Veterinarian’s care.

Triple Play Bullies will not be responsible for any injury, sickness and/or death that is considered a normal and unpreventable occurrence when whelping puppies.  If Triple Play Bullies is found to be at fault due to neglect and/or not seeking the proper care for the female/puppies than reimbursement of any monies already paid to Triple Play Bullies for the whelping service will be given.

Thank you for choosing Triple Play Bullies to whelp your litter of puppies and we look forward to being able to assist you in the future if the need ever arises.


By signing below you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated within this contract:


____________________________________________                     ___________

Owner                                                                                                                             Date


____________________________________________                      ___________

Representative for Triple Play Bullies                                                          Date