We are pleased to announce that we have recently relocated to Mustang, OK.





My wife and I have always loved English bulldogs. In 2015, we felt that we were at a place in our lives, kids grown and our lives back to normal, that we could benefit from adding one of these wonderful dogs to our family. After months of research and educating ourselves on pedigrees, genetic traits and health conditions to look out for, we were confident that we had amassed the knowledge to ensure we choose a quality bulldog that was right for our family. We have taken that knowledge and used it to add to our program over the years. We breed for quality set fourth by the AKC standard. Triple Play Bullies strives to bred and place the highest quality dogs at an affordable price with families that share our love of the breed. We are proud of the litters we produce and want you, as a buyer, to be proud OWNERS!